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Google and Android are not open, get over it.

Mar 31,2011

Another day, another article about Google’s lack of openness.  This morning Endgadget reported the following:

A storm seems to be brewing over the realm of Android development. Bloomberg’s Businessweek spies have received word from “a dozen executives working at key companies in the Android ecosystem” that Google is actively working to gain control and final say over customizations of its popular mobile OS.

This should not come as a surprise to anybody.  Google is a business and they aren’t going to be the champion to open source software that everyone seems to expect them to be (or that they claim to be).  There is a long-term business model in this that will pay off for Google’s shareholders at some point.  In fact, it would be failure of fiduciary duty if Google invested this level of resources without pay-off for shareholders.

Google is making a bold move towards a better, more unified, user experience on the Android platform.  In order for Android to truly cross the chasm to become a leader in the mobile platform market, they have to reduce this fragmentation and present a single unified user experience.  There is a very fine line between openness and mass consumer market appeal and if anybody can walk that line, it’s Google.

So get over it and accept that Google will never be truly open, they’ll only be more open than their competitors.

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Software For Underserved Markets

Mar 30,2011

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Empty School

Mar 9,2011

Pretty creative and awesome!

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The GOP has lost touch with reality.

Nov 4,2010

Seriously? The GOP’s only goal in the next 2 years is to make sure Obama fails? Don’t they realize that if Obama fails, we all fail?

It is clear that the GOP intends to do NOTHING over the next 2 years to actually help the American people. This isn’t a zero sum game people. A Presidential failure will only mean we will have at least 2 more years of high unemployment and a terrible economy.

President Obama, please use your executive powers and stop trying to be a noble leader. Make some serious progress with or without the GOP and I assure you, your supporters will be faithful in 2012.

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Stop Kidding Yourself…

Nov 3,2010
Both political parties need to stop kidding themselves.  I have only skimmed the headlines of this morning’s news and know that both parties have got it all wrong.
At least they agree on one thing, they both believe the American people actually care.

Both parties are delusional in thinking that the American people actually care about the process, about the politics, about the party.  Breaking news:  We. Don’t. Care.
What we do care about (and how we will judge your time in office) is by the end results of the key issues we care about.  What we care about is the end result, not all the shenanigans that goes on to get there.

We want lower unemployment.  So do what needs to get done to lower unemployment.  Surely there is a right answer and compromise to get there, so stop talking about it and find it.
Your angry constituent,
Chris Goodrich

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Dear President Obama

Nov 1,2010
Dear President Obama,
I was a supporter of your campaign in 2008 and defended some of your ideas vehemently to friends and family.  I often annoyingly hit “reply-all” to inaccurate emails that are forwarded to me that claim all things from the fact that you are Muslim to the fact that you are a socialist.

I was, and still am, happy to cry foul when people present their opinions as fact.  I still believe that your vision aligns with mine; however, I need you to know a few things as we roll swiftly into the second half of your presidency:
  1. Let’s actually see the “change you believe in” in action and stop playing party politics.  This is just a major distraction that we don’t care about.
  2. Democrats should loose control of the Senate and/or House of Representatives tomorrow.  This will force bipartisanship and new ideas.
  3. I support you, not the Democratic party. So please stop spamming me with your endorsements.  You should also stop sharing my email address with the Democratic party.  I am not afraid to mark your (and every other Democrat’s) email as spam.

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This is how you increase profits by 70%

Oct 18,2010

Have a leader with this type of vision. As much as people like to argue about how wrong Apple’s “closed” platform is; you sure can’t argue $4 billion in profits with a 70% increase year over year.

Android certainly has a position in this market, but I agree with Steve Jobs that the Android market is completely fragmented. Don’t believe it? Just take a look at RIM and their app marketplace(s). They are a completely terrible user experience.

It amazes me that Eric Shmidt actually thinks that multiple app markets is a “Net win for everybody” when in reality this is a “Net win for nobody.”

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Why you don’t like changes to your design - The Oatmeal

Sep 29,2010

Explains my life the past 2 weeks…

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Stephen Colbert Hearing (VIDEO): Updates From Colbert’s Visit To Congress

Sep 24,2010

I firmly believe that this is the most productive congressional testimony to be heard in the last 5 years.

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The Human Body in HTML and PHP | lalawag

Aug 12,2010

gotta love geek humor.

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